The strategic underlying principle for promotion

The strategic decision-making viewpoint on advertising and promotion mean, when an advertising agency receives a brief from a client, the agency should describe of the brief in the framework of the client’s strategic marketing objectives. So the preliminary focus of the agency is not on imagination, audience response or even sales but on sustaining the clients marketing requirements with the overall communication solution. The strategic communication planning of Adolic Media cautiously devised with the customers approach and market research. In excess of all strategic approach advertising and promotion has a watchfully particular justification or purpose that is reliable with the all marketing strategy of the business.
This determination is what gives the communications judgment even through poles separately  creative executions deployed through different media channels. The most important benefit of having a conceived approach behind the planning of communication is that the results are more liable if the outcome is judged with a set of objectives. The second important aspect of communication planning is referred to as integration. This means the integration through different media channels is to help to boost sales and increase the overall effect.

More and more, clients expect full service from advertising agencies to be able to bear expertise in all promotional media and also to design campaigns that integrate creative executions and media planning for all channels simultaneously. The purpose is not only to create a sense of consistency for the brand but also to reach the targeted members for the targeted segment who may not be easily reached through mainstream media.

Advertising agencies still on occasion uses a term that divides mass media promotions such as broadcast media, national daily press and cinema advertising from other promotional media such as sales promotions, direct selling, direct mail and so on. Furthermore, it builds sense to produce movements that can translate to executions on different channels because the message will hit more consumers.


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